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Every night, Maison Rouge presents enchanting world class performances by the city’s most loved and renowned artists in an enveloping celebratory ambience. These special shows coupled with enthralling interiors, fine delicacies, ecstatic numbers and exceptional hospitality, create a unique cosmopolitan atmosphere that’s worth every second of your time.

If you are in Dubai for business or for pleasure, we assure you that visiting Maison Rouge and witnessing the extraordinary dance acts live will be one of your most memorable, moving and culturally rich experiences of all.

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With a charming ensemble of celebrated Russian artists, Maison Rouge’s performances present a scenic juxtaposition of cultures from around the world. Every day around midnight, the stage sparkles up with colourful acts involving myriad dance routines like the Spain’s Flamenco, France’s Can Can and India’s Bollywood Hit Numbers, among a plethora of others.

Interspersed with captivating instrumental melodies and enamouring vocals, the performers create a vivacious aura with their bold twists and turns, intricately woven costumes from Ibiza and stunning props in an interactive, high-octane show of fun and revelry.

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