Edamame spicy
(Steamed Soybeans with Spicy Sauce.)

Edamame salted
(Steamed Soybeans with Meldon salt.)

(House made Traditional Georgian Cheese pastry.)

Buratta with Pesto & Tomatoes
(Buratta with a mix of Fresh Pesto & Tomatoes)

Smokey Skewers choice of
Beef / Chicken / Prawns

Tuna Tartar
(Yellow fin Tuna with Avocado &Tomatoes)

Mexican Quesadilla
(Grilled Chicken quesadilla with fresh Guacamole.)

Popcorn Shrimp
(Tempura Shrimps served with spicy mayo)

Watermelon with Feta Cheese & Onion Jam
(Watermelon complimented by Feta, shallots, honey & Balsamic dressing)

Beef Carpaccio
(Beef tenderloin with Yuzu juice, truffle oil, balsamic and parmesan.)

Meat and cheese platter
(Platter of Vega Cabrales, Vega Idiazabal, Vega Manchego Anejo & Dried Halal Beef)




Homemade Pasta with Truffle
(Pasta with Fresh Cream, Black Pepper topped with parmesan)

Homemade Pasta with Lobster
(Pasta combined with Leeks, Tomatoes, Lobster, parmesan & drizzled with olive oil)

Homemade Pasta Chicken & Vegetables
(Pasta with Broccoli, capsicum, Mushroom, Chicken Breast, Parmesan Cheese in creamy sauce)

Mushroom Risotto
(Arborio Rice, Porcini & Portobello Mushrooms with Truffle Oil)

Khachapuri with Truffle &Arugula
(Georgian Khachapuri with black Truffle & wild Arugula)

Tuna Steak with Avocado & Spinach sauce
(Yellow Fin Tuna with Avocado layered with spinach sauce topped with nuts)

Chicken Kiev
(Grilled butter chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs, filled with herbs and butter.)

Beef Stroganoff
(Beef julienne, cooked with mushroom, onion and fresh cream. Served with mashed potatoes.)

Sea bass with Creamy Sauce
(Chilean Sea bass served with Parmesan & Sour Cream)

Salmon Pizza with Salmon Caviar
(Norwegian Salmon, Cucumber, dill in a creamy sauce topped with Salmon Caviar)

Grilled Salmon with Venere Rice &Lemon –Herb Butter Sauce
(Salmon Fillet With Venere Rice & lemon butter sauce)

Kerala Shrimps Curry
(Tradition Kerala curry made with coconut milk. Served with steamed black & white rice.)

Rib Eye Steak
(Australian Rib eye cooked to perfection accompanied with pepper sauce)

Lamb Ribs with Baby Potatoes
(Grilled Lamb Ribs with Rosemary & Baked Baby Potatoes)

Grilled Baby Chicken
(Baby corn-fed Chicken with Tomato Sauce)

Ravioli with Ricotta & Spinach
(Homemade Ravioli stuffed with Spinach finished with Basil creamy sauce)

Whole Sea bass
(Ocean Sea bass marinated in our signature sauce served with baby potatoes)

Golden Maison Rouge Beef Burger
(Angus beef burger layered with tomato, marinated cucumber caramelised onions, Cheddar cheese in homemade bun wrapped in 24karat Gold

Seafood Platter
(Assortment of Lobster, Tiger Prawns, Scallops Octopus/Squids, Salmon& Mussels Grilled and served with Romesco & Masion sauce)

Tomahawk Steak
(Serious steak for a serious steak lover with a 14” bone hanging off the plate. You will never forget your first Tomahawk! )




French Chevre & Arugula Salad
(Pan seared fresh goat cheese with wild arugula & caramelized balsamic fig tossed in parmesan.)

Quinoa Shrimps Salad
(Healthy high protein quinoa salad with tofu and shrimps tossed in chili mango dressing)

Corn-fed Chicken Salad
(Grilled chicken with summer vegetables, avocado, tossed in maple teriyaki sauce.)

Alexandra Salad
(Grilled yellow fin tuna fillet with green salad.)

Greek Salad


French Fries

Sweet Potato Chips

Mashed Potato with Truffle Oil

Grill Vegetables

Fresh Garden Salad