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Maison Rouge, located in the heart of Dubai, treats its esteemed patrons to an immersive dining and entertainment experience. The enclave offers an enchanting atmosphere of joyful indulgence accentuated by a uniquely seductive blend of gastronomy & art.

Experience immaculate

hospitality in a theatrical universe

Maison Rouge is a poetic experience that elegantly envelopes the throbbing diversity of our world and serves it with love. Be it a craft cocktail created by an expert mixologist or a dinner show meal presented by the stellar culinary team, every sip one takes is surreal, every bite divine.

Experience live

extravaganzas with celebrated artists

The dazzling world class performances at Maison Rouge weave an immersive landscape on stage where different cultures come to life as one. The rhythmic music and the unique dance acts by the city’s most renowned artists stimulate the senses and put one in an ecstatic trance.

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